On November 18, 2022, EXP Services Inc. completed a new report titled “The Benefits of Using Recycled Crushed Aggregates in Infrastructure Projects”

Commissioned by TARBA with financial support from the Ontario Good Roads Association, the Ontario Road Builders’ Association, Greater Toronto Sewer and Watermain Contractors’ Association, Ontario Stone Sand and Gravel Association and Concrete Ontario, the report includes analyses of the benefits of RCA and includes the following chapters:

  • A Literature Review
  • Sustainability and Environmental Impacts
  • Availability, Cost and Quality of the Recycled Crushed Aggregate
  • Laboratory Testing of Samples from TARBA Member Yards
  • Conclusions and Next Steps

To access the report, you can review it or download it here:


When governments renew their roads, highways, curbs, sidewalks and related physical infrastructure, the concrete ‘waste’ generated ends up in recycling yards for processing so that it can be reused in replacement or new construction projects.

Unfortunately, the circular efficiency of this model is not working as it should as too many tender documents neglect to spec this material even when it is entirely appropriate.  This strains existing supplies from pits and quarries, adds unnecessary energy and GHG emissions and more trucks to our roads and highways.  At the same time, TARBA and other industry players within and close to market have recycling yards closer to market that are overflowing with recycled materials generated by the same entities issuing these tender documents.

TARBA and its industry partners are advocating for a more efficient and responsible approach to demolishing and building infrastructure that is more sustainable and beneficial to all involved.  This report is one element in that effort.

You can also review and download the Presentation the authors from EXP Services made to the Municipal Engineers’ Association at its meeting in Toronto on November 18, 2022

PowerPoint Presentation